#57 Gravel


1/3 Yard- $20

1 Yard- $35

· Approximately 1” in size

· 1 yard is approximately 1.25-1.5 tons

· Round- no corners, or edges

· Color is primarily gray, but also has shades of brown

Uses include:

     - Excellent for drainage

     - Base for asphalt

     - French drains, septic drainage, drainage for retaining walls, et

Cincinnati Creek Gravel

Cincinnati Creek Gravel

1"-3", 3"-8", Mix of Both

Any Size

1/3 yard- $30

1 yard-$58

1 yard = approximately 1.5 tons

Uses and Installation:

  • Natural stone/gravel
  • Used to line mulch beds
  • Alternative to mulch for landscape beds
  • Decorative stone for landscape beds or drainage

1"-3" Creek Gravel

Cincinnati Creek Gravel

3"-8" Creek Gravel

Cincinnati Creek Gravel

Cincinnati Creek Gravel Delivery

Delivery Available

From 7798 Reading Road:

Gravel, Limestone, Sand, Top Soil, Firewood and Mulch ONLY

15 miles or less______________$30

15-20 Miles _________________$45

20+ Miles call for Quote

Delivery cost of stone determined by weight and distance call for an exact quote

Landscape Fabric

Cincinnati Landscape Fabric

Dewitt Weed Barrier - Premium Landscape Fabrics

3' x 50' Roll- $12ea

  • Stops weeds without chemicals
  • Lets air, water, and nutrients pass through
  • Saves time- No more pulling weeds
  • Conserves water by design

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