Flagstone Steppers

$295 per Ton

Coverage: 75 square feet (est'd) Thickness: 2”-3”
Uses: Patios / Walkways 

Type: Sandstone 

Flagstone Slabs

$275 per ton

Coverage: 75 square feet (est'd)
Thickness: 3”-5”
Uses: Patios / Walkways / Steps / Walls 

Type: Sandstone 

Blue Flag Stone

$499 per ton
Coverage: 75 square feet (est'd)
Specs: Multiple sizes 

 Uses: Patios / Walkways
Type: Bluestone

Shawnee Flagstone

Pallet $650 each

Pallet weight ` 3,008

1.5” thick 


Irregular shape/size

Looking for something else?

The materials above are just what is on our lot currently*, but we work with a number of quarrys and can special order many stone materials to help you get your project done. One of our suppliers is Earthworks Stone (http://www.earthworksstone.com/) if you see something you would be interested in on their site we can order a sample to give you an idea of what the product will be before ordering it in a larger quantity.

*Please call to confirm availability

Earthworks Stone Samples
Earthworks Stone Samples